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OPERATOR will develop a set of tools for risk exposure data analysis in the workplace, building on the concepts of Positive Ergonomics, Operator 4.0 and the Job Quality Indices by the Eurofound. The project aims to create a technology framework which combines ubiquitous human movement tracking with worker self-reported endpoints for a holistic Digital Twin [...]
SmartAgriChain will carry out the research and development of a web-based solution to support entities related to the production and commercialisation of agri-food products on improving their supply chain processes and ease the certification of their products. The platform will use blockchain technology to strengthen the security of supply chains management for producers and vendors [...]


On the scope of DYAGORA project, Zenithwings created an innovative solution to certify and ensure the quality and authenticity of wines, protecting producers and consumers. The solution integrates Blockchain technology to allow the digitalisation of the wine certification process through the registration of all the stages of a traditional certification process in a blockchain, making [...]


Storywine is an RDI project developed by ZW in cooperation with the Swiss company Martel Innovative, co-funded by the DIATOMIC programme (H2020). Its consists on the creation of a software platform for precision viticulture that adds value to traditional smart vineyard solutions and propiciates optimized and innovative practices within this industry. The integration of IoT [...]
The Tracking and Route Optimisation System developed by ZW offers bottled gas suppliers a simple and effective way of optimising the distribution process of their bottles. To this end, the system traces all the process, starting from the filling of the bottle to their arrival at the points of sale. The system ensures the real-time [...]
Zenithwings is currently developing a technological solution to manage olive groves in an efficient, ecological and optimized way by the non-evasive monitoring of key agronomic parameters. The olive grove monitoring will integrate drones along with a ground network of sensors which provide data about the water and nutritional status of the olive trees, the amount [...]
This project consisted on the creation of a smart platform capable of supporting crop tracking of any nature, with a particular focus on small fruit production. This system integrates two operational tools: A Backoffice for management and a Mobile app. The Backoffice enables the registration of the assets and products characteristics used in the farming [...]