Tracking and Route Optimisation System for Bottled Gas Distribution

The Tracking and Route Optimisation System developed by ZW offers bottled gas suppliers a simple and effective way of optimising the distribution process of their bottles.

To this end, the system traces all the process, starting from the filling of the bottle to their arrival at the points of sale. The system ensures the real-time monitoring of the bottles stored or displayed in each point of sale in order to plan the distribution of new bottles and the collection of the empty ones, prioritizing deliveries to retailers with lack of stock.

The solution allows the identification of the most efficient route according to retailers’ location, operation areas, fuel consumption, distribution capacity, retailers’ stock. It also offers access to information relative to the average consumption according to the geographical location, gas bottle life cycle assessment and displayers’ replacement rate. Its Business Intelligence & Analytics technology allows the prediction of levels of stock and the early warning by e-mail and SMS on the lack of stock.




    Industry 4.0; tracking; routing; bottled gas; tracing distribution; stock monitoring; bottled gas consumption; automatization.



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