Zenithwings is a high-tech company, based in Portugal, providing solutions
for Precision Farming and Industry 4.0.

Research and Innovation are at the core of Zenithwings’ activities which is positioning itself in these markets while innovating and exploring advanced technologies. Zenithwings’ portfolio includes integrated IoT solutions to improve the quality of agriculture and to increase farms production, and product tracking solutions in industrial distribution systems.


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Precision Farming

On the area of Precision Farming, ZW focuses on the development of solutions to assist small producers, on the areas of small fruit production and wine production and distribution .

To stand out in this industry, Ze benefits from cutting-edge technology from RDI projects such as blockchain technology and AI towards the creation of an ecosystem of innovative solutions covering the whole value chain of the agribusiness.

In this field, ZW focuses mostly on the development of tracking, monitoring and management solutions for all phases of the agricultural production to ensure a better and more effective administration of this type of production and a pioneering promotion of this industry, subsequently opening new business opportunities to the stakeholders.



Industry 4.0

In the sector of Industry 4.0, ZW focuses on the application of leading technology on the development of solutions for the digitalization, virtualization and tracking of operations of the whole value chain of a certain business.

It aims the optimization of services, with remote monitoring in real-time benefiting from IoT sensors and software aligned with the Internet of Services.

The application of these new technologies is brought on by the need of collecting almost instant data allowing real-time decision making and optimization of production and distribution processes according to the demand.





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