Zenithwings is a high-tech company, based in Portugal, providing solutions
for Precision Farming and Industry 4.0.

Research and Innovation are at the core of Zenithwings’ activities which is positioning itself in these markets while innovating and exploring advanced technologies. Zenithwings’ portfolio includes integrated IoT solutions to improve the quality of agriculture and to increase farms production, and product tracking solutions in industrial distribution systems.


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Crop tracking system

Zenithwings has developed a crop tracking system including two different tools:

Backoffice - registration of the assets and products characteristics used in the farming operations of harvesting and selection. These assets and products could be rows, agriculture products, employees, baskets, among others.
App - used by employees to identify the harvesting baskets with a QR Code, so that the weight can be easily registered

Currently, Zenithwings is extending this crop tracking system to the packaging process and developing a module to track the quality of the product (by monitoring its characteristics) in the whole value chain.



Monitoring and Management Technologies for olive farming

Zenithwings is currently developing a technological solution to manage olive groves in an efficient and non-invasive way by monitoring key agronomic parameters.

This solution aims to improve and optimise the use of resources in the olive farming. The olive grove is monitored by drones and a ground network of sensors which provide data about the water and nutritional status of the olive trees, the amount of crops and potential infestations by pests and diseases. Zenithwings technology will provide the data collection, harmonisation, processing and analysis, performing the whole data-to-information process. Online dashboards will bring to farmers and users relevant information and decision support tools and functionalities.




Tracking and Route Optimisation System for Bottled Gas Distribution

The Tracking and Route Optimisation System allows bottled gas suppliers to optimise their distribution process through the tracking of their bottles once their filling is completed until they are stored in the points of sale. While stored in retailers, dealers and service stations displayers, it is critically important to monitor in real-time the full gas bottles stock of each point of sale, in order to plan the distribution of new bottles and the collection of the empty ones ensuring priority deliveries to points of sale with lack of stock and avoiding visits to those that are not in this situation.

The following system functionalities promote the continuous improvement and optimisation of the distribution process:

  • Performing the most efficient route according to retailers’ location, operation areas, fuel consumption, distribution capacity, retailers’ stock;
  • Early warning by e-mail and SMS of low stock;
  • Assessing information on a Business Intelligence & Analytics Dashboard including measurement of average consumption according to the geographical location, gas bottle life cycle assessment, displayers' replacement rate;
  • Performing stock predictive analysis.


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